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How Golf Can Help Improve Your Physical and Mental Well-being

Golf is a popular sport, enjoyed by over 50 million people in 206 countries. It is a relatively low impact activity that offers a range of health benefits for people of all ages, genders and abilities. But why is golf good for you, and what are the health benefits of playing golf?

Physical health benefits of golf

As with any sport, there are numerous physical health benefits of playing golf – but what exactly are they?

Spending time outside improves your vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for your overall health. It boosts your immune system, and helps your body to absorb calcium, one of the main building blocks for strong bones, teeth and muscles. 

According to the NHS, the body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. Therefore, it is important that everyone spends enough time outside to prevent bone deformities and pain. With the average 18-hole game of golf taking anywhere between 3 to 5 hours, it’s no wonder that the sport helps to improve the vitamin D levels of those who play it.

Golf is good for your heart

Golf is proven to get your heart rate up and reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. Research has shown that golf is associated with improvements in multiple known risk-factors for cardiovascular disease, such as body composition, blood lipid levels, and insulin-glucose levels.

In fact, one study published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, suggests that playing 18 holes of golf (as long as you walk the course) is just as good – if not better- than going for a brisk walk or walking with trekking poles, as it improves blood pressure and led to better cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.

Golf burns calories and can help with weight loss

Just because golf is a low-intensity sport, it doesn’t mean that it can’t contribute towards weight loss. The average length of an 18-hole golf course is 3.5 miles, and walking that distance, combined with the swinging and putting that you will be doing, is bound to burn some calories.

Golf can improve your sleep

Playing golf is a way of getting good, regular exercise. This, combined with the fresh air and natural light that you are exposed to throughout a game of golf, will allow your body to regulate its sleep cycle, which means you’ll benefit from better quality sleep at night and improved focus and concentration during the day.

Serious injury is unlikely

Unlike with high-intensity or contact sports, you are unlikely to seriously injure yourself playing golf, meaning that you will be able to play the sport for a longer time and therefore reap the physical health benefits for longer.

If you do find yourself getting injured playing golf, or you want to make sure you avoid the common causes of golfing injuries, make sure to read our recent insight on getting back into golf following an injury.

Golf and mental health

Golf isn’t just good for your physical health, it can also work wonders on your mental health as well.

Golf offers beneficial social interaction

Golf isn’t a one-person sport. The social interaction that you have with other golfers and caddies is important to improve your mood, boost your social skills and improve your confidence.

As well as this, social interaction also has physical benefits. In a Medical News Today study, Psychologist Susan Pinker explains that during interaction in a social setting such as the golf course, “dopamine is generated, which gives us a little high and it kills pain, it’s like a naturally produced morphine.”

Golf can reduce the effects of depression and anxiety

We all know that exercise can improve our mood – but it’s not just a runner’s high. Roger Hawkes, the former chief medical officer of the European Tour and one of the authors of a study into the relationship between golf and health, commented that “moderate physical activity is associated with a reduction in anxiety and a reduction in depression.”

Golf can help to lower stress

For many players, a game of golf is a great way to reduce stress. Teeing off when you’re feeling stressed can channel your bad mood into something productive. Paired with the endorphins released during exercise, which improve your mood and can reduce pain, playing golf is an easy way to improve your mood.

Golf can improve your concentration and brain health

Golf is a game that is based around focus. It teaches accuracy and concentration, and also is a good way of improving your hand-eye coordination.

Golfing is fairly active, and getting your circulation going means more blood is pumped to your brain, which improves your brain health!


So, there you have it. 9 health reasons for you to take up golf or increase the amount you play! Cash Fore Clubs are here to help, with a range of new and secondhand golf clubs to ensure you have the proper kit to get out on the green.


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CFC Condition Guide


5  – BRAND NEW – never been hit.
4 – VERY GOOD – This club has been hit a handful of times, may have a few very minimal marks.
3 – GOOD – This club has been used for a few rounds, shows signs of use but no major dings or chips.
2 – FAIR – Well used, still in completely playable condition but will show signs of wear and tear. Minor stone chips may be visible on the sole.
1 – POOR – This club will have heavy play marks, paint missing, with visible dents and chips.

NOT SELLABLE – major dents or stone chips on playing surface of club.


5  – BRAND NEW – still in wrapper – never been used.
4 – VERY GOOD – Have been hit a few times, but could still pass as new.
3 – GOOD – No major marks, but may show light signs of use, for example light scratching.
2 – FAIR – Signs of wear and tare, but no major bag rub and no rust marks. stickers may be starting to peel.
1 – POOR – Very visibly used with various age-related marks. Shaft sticker may be peeled or missing.

NOT SELLABLE – major bag rub or major pitting and rusting of shaft.


5 – BRAND NEW – As it says on the tin, this grip is brand new, with protective wrapper still in place.
4 – VERY GOOD – 
As new and completely clean, would only have been played a handful of times.
3 – GOOD
 – Played with, showing some minor imperfections, but have plenty of golf left in them.
2 – USED – Well used, with some more obvious imperfections. Still playable, but will likely need replacing fairly soon.
1 – POOR – Needs replacing with rubber shiny and splitting.

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