Playing golf in the rain

Winter golfing essentials: What equipment do you need to play golf in the cold and rain?

Unfortunately, living in the UK, we are more than used to rain and cold weather. Luckily for golf enthusiasts, golf is a game that can be played in pretty much any weather. Rain or shine, you will find people braving the course! However, it is a pretty miserable experience if you don’t have the right winter weather golfing gear.

In this article, we are going to delve into all of the gear that you will need to play golf in the winter, and recommend what golf equipment you can get second hand to help protect the pennies. Let’s go!

A winter golf jacket

One of the most important pieces of cold weather golf gear is the winter golf jacket. ‘Why can’t I just wear a casual winter jacket?’ we hear you ask. Well, because the last thing you want is your swing to get messed up by bulky clothing that you’re not used to playing in.

There are a few different things, other than your swing, that you need to consider when looking for a cold weather golf jacket.


First thing’s first. The material of your chosen jacket will hugely impact how warm and dry you stay whilst playing golf. The warmest jackets are usually made out of fleece or wool, however these are not very good in the rain, as they don’t repel water at all. The best material to give a combination of warmth and dryness is something synthetic, such as performance polyester. Performance polyester is water resistant, moisture wicking and temperature regulating, meaning it will stop you from getting too cold, too hot and will keep you dry.


Speaking of water repellent, another thing you need to consider is whether your coat is waterproof. Typically, it is better to have a jacket specifically for rain, and a jacket specifically for cold weather. However, as a lot of people are trying to save money, it’s best to settle for a synthetic fibre jacket that is at least water resistant, so that you can stay somewhat dry if the heavens open.

Pullover or zip?

Another important decision to make is based on style. Would you rather have a zipped up coat, or a pullover style? There is no better choice here, it’s entirely up to personal preference. So, think about the casual coats you have in your wardrobe – what do you own more of? What do you prefer?


As we’ve mentioned, with the prices of literally everything going up at the moment, it’s unsurprising that a huge factor in which golfing jacket to choose is the price. Luckily, here at Cash Fore Clubs, we have a range of new golf clothing for you to choose from. Simply visit our store and discover the range of different clothing items we have!

Winter golf shoes

If you tend to play in the UK, where winter = rain, you may also want to get a winter specific pair of golf shoes. With most courses banning metal spikes, you need to find suitable alternatives that stop you from slipping around on the course, but also have good insulation in order to keep your feet warm and dry.

Winter golf gloves

Regular golf gloves might not be warm enough in the winter months, so it is important you find a pair of gloves (yes, for both hands!) to keep you warm while you’re braving the cold.

It’s not just warmth you want to think about when choosing your winter golf gloves though:

  • You don’t want your golf gloves to be too thick or bulky, as this will get in the way of you gripping the club properly. So don’t just grab a normal pair of gloves from your wardrobe, as these will not give you the grip and all-weather performance you need. We stock a variety of proper winter golf gloves for all weathers.
  • Choose your glove enclosure wisely so they are easy to get on and off when needed. Many golf gloves use a traditional velcro enclosure. This allows the gloves to stay on your hands, and keep any rain out. However, velcro can get in the way of taking your gloves off easily if, for example, you want to still putt without a glove on. Some golfing gloves, such as the Footjoy WinterSofs, have an elongated elastic cuff instead, keeping the warmth in and making it easier to quickly take the gloves off and on throughout the game if necessary.
  • It is also a good idea to choose waterproof gloves, so that your hands don’t get wet and cold throughout your game.

Golf umbrella

Another handy piece of kit for the winter months is a golf umbrella. Not only is it useful in the rain, but it can also protect you from snow and even gusty winds! The large canopy ensures that you will stay dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather; and they are sturdy and durable, so you don’t need to worry about their ability to withstand the elements.

As well as their practicality, golf umbrellas add a touch of style and sophistication to your look, which is important to many golfers.

Golf trolley cover

Golfers who use a golf trolley when they’re on the course may want to consider adding a golf trolley cover to their collection of equipment. With rain and snow posing a potential threat to the appearance and performance of your golf clubs, a golf trolley cover safeguards them from these moisture-heavy hazards, preserving their condition. 

This simple addition to your golf gear offers a practical approach to protecting your investment, ensuring that your clubs remain in optimal shape, unaffected by the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions.

How Cash Fore Clubs can help

Here at Cash Fore Clubs, golf is our passion. We love that golf is a sport that can be played year round, and so we are dedicated to providing you with information and guidance you need to be able to play golf, regardless of the weather.

We have a range of cold weather golf gear available to purchase in our store and online. Explore our selection to find top winter golf essentials that won’t break the bank.

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CFC Condition Guide


5  – BRAND NEW – never been hit.
4 – VERY GOOD – This club has been hit a handful of times, may have a few very minimal marks.
3 – GOOD – This club has been used for a few rounds, shows signs of use but no major dings or chips.
2 – FAIR – Well used, still in completely playable condition but will show signs of wear and tear. Minor stone chips may be visible on the sole.
1 – POOR – This club will have heavy play marks, paint missing, with visible dents and chips.

NOT SELLABLE – major dents or stone chips on playing surface of club.


5  – BRAND NEW – still in wrapper – never been used.
4 – VERY GOOD – Have been hit a few times, but could still pass as new.
3 – GOOD – No major marks, but may show light signs of use, for example light scratching.
2 – FAIR – Signs of wear and tare, but no major bag rub and no rust marks. stickers may be starting to peel.
1 – POOR – Very visibly used with various age-related marks. Shaft sticker may be peeled or missing.

NOT SELLABLE – major bag rub or major pitting and rusting of shaft.


5 – BRAND NEW – As it says on the tin, this grip is brand new, with protective wrapper still in place.
4 – VERY GOOD – 
As new and completely clean, would only have been played a handful of times.
3 – GOOD
 – Played with, showing some minor imperfections, but have plenty of golf left in them.
2 – USED – Well used, with some more obvious imperfections. Still playable, but will likely need replacing fairly soon.
1 – POOR – Needs replacing with rubber shiny and splitting.

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