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Why choose Callaway?

Callaway is renowned for producing some of the most advanced and innovative golf clubs in the industry. With a rich history dating back to the 1980s, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of golf club design and technology. Callaway’s clubs are celebrated for their performance, forgiveness, and superior craftsmanship. 

Their irons, drivers, woods, and putters are designed to cater to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Callaway’s signature technologies, such as Jailbreak, AI-designed faces, and the use of high-quality materials, have led to increased distance, accuracy, and overall playability for golfers. 

Whether you’re seeking maximum distance off the tee or precision around the green, Callaway Golf clubs offer a wide range of options to enhance your golfing experience.

Buying and selling your clubs through Cash Fore Clubs

Cash Fore Clubs is your go to place to buy and sell pre-owned Callaway Clubs. Our belief is that golf should be accessible to everyone, which is why our mission is to provide golfers of all levels with access to top-quality products without the premium price tag.

While our specialty lies in second-hand golf clubs, we also collaborate with Callaway to source the finest new golf clubs. Our team of experts meticulously selects each club, ensuring that only high-quality items grace our store.

We also offer flexible payment options and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you can revel in your new Callaway clubs with peace of mind.

How to buy your second hand Callaway golf clubs

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to find and buy the perfect used Callaway golf clubs, regardless of your experience level or budget. Just explore our Callaway golf clubs using our club search or Build a Bag feature, which enables you to compare various models and refine your choices based on your budget.

Once you’ve added your perfect new or second-hand Callaway golf club to your basket, we offer a range of payment options, whether you prefer to pay in full or opt for our flexible payment plans. We strive to quickly deliver your chosen club so you can start improving your golf game without delay. However, if you find yourself not satisfied with your new purchase, rest assured with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you can’t find the specific club you want, our Wish List feature means you can add your dream Callaway golf club to your wish list and be notified when it is back in stock, before it even becomes available to the general public!


Condition guide on used golf clubs

Each of our pre-owned Callaway clubs, as well as the rest of our golf clubs, are subject to a thorough condition check to ensure that only the best-quality products are sold. Our Condition Guide details the different levels of condition checks for each area of the club: heads, shafts and grips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Callaway golf clubs apart from other brands?

Callaway golf clubs are known for their innovative technologies, such as Jailbreak and AI-designed faces, which enhance performance. They offer a wide range of clubs suitable for golfers of all skill levels, and their commitment to research and development sets them apart.

Are Callaway clubs suitable for beginners?

Yes, Callaway offers game-improvement clubs designed to provide forgiveness and help beginners improve their game. These clubs are known for their ease of use and can benefit golfers at all levels.

What are the benefits of Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology?

Jailbreak Technology in Callaway clubs stabilises the clubhead, leading to increased ball speed and greater distance. It works by connecting the crown and sole with two internal bars, creating a more efficient energy transfer to the ball on impact.

Can I sell my pre-owned Callaway through Cash Fore Clubs?

We are able to buy and sell second-hand Callaway golf clubs through our online shop and Chippenham store. We’ve made selling your pre-owned clubs easier than ever, just head to our dedicated selling page.