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What are golf putters?

It is widely known amongst golfers that one of the most stressful parts of the game is putting. The putter is the golf club that gets the most action in a golfer’s bag. 

Golf putters are a type of golf club specifically designed for making short and precise strokes on the putting green, typically used to roll the ball into the hole. They have a flat, low-profile head and a shaft that is nearly vertical to the ground. 

Putters come in various shapes and designs, including blade-style putters and mallet-style putters, each offering different characteristics to suit a golfer’s preference and putting style. 

Different types of putters

There are three main types of putters, each slightly different, depending on the individual golfer’s preference.  

The blade putter

A blade putter is a type of golf putter that has a traditional, classic design. It is characterised by a narrow, flat clubhead with a simple and clean appearance. Blade putters usually have a short alignment aid, if any, and a straight or slightly arched shaft.

These putters are favoured by golfers who prefer a more traditional and compact look at address and who rely on their ability to align the clubface accurately with the target. Blade putters require a steady hand and precise stroke because they offer less forgiveness on mishits compared to mallet-style putters.

The mallet putter

Traditional mallet putters have a simplistic and compact design, often featuring a smaller clubhead with minimal alignment aids. They are known for their classic aesthetics and are typically made from traditional materials like stainless steel. Mallet putters often have their weight distributed towards the perimeter of the clubhead, which can enhance stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The shaft of a mallet putter is typically attached at the heel or centre of the clubhead, creating a different balance and feel compared to blade putters.

Golfers pick mallet putters for better forgiveness when they don’t hit the ball perfectly, as these putters minimise mistakes.

The modern mallet putter

The final type of putter is the modern mallet putter. The main differences between traditional mallet putters and modern mallet putters lie in their design and technological advancements. Modern mallet putters incorporate advanced materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium, leading to a larger and more complex clubhead design. 

These modern iterations often feature perimeter weighting, multiple alignment aids, and customisable options, all aimed at enhancing stability, forgiveness, and alignment during the putting stroke. The evolution from traditional mallet putters to modern ones reflects the golf industry’s commitment to improving golfer performance and providing options that cater to a wide range of preferences and putting styles.

How to choose the right putter for you

In professional tournaments, it’s usually the best putter that comes out as the winner. This highlights the crucial role that putting skills play in achieving success on the golf course.

To make a well-informed choice, start by assessing your putting stroke. Determine whether your stroke follows a straight-back-and-straight-through path or if it has more of an arcing motion. Understanding your natural putting style will guide you towards a putter that works alongside your stroke.

Consider your alignment preferences. Think about whether you prefer a clean and minimalist putter head or if you benefit from additional alignment aids such as lines, dots, or visual cues that help you align the putter face accurately with your target. This aspect is vital for consistency and precision in your putting.

Your choice of clubhead is another crucial decision. Blade putters offer a more traditional appearance and are typically favoured by golfers with a slight arc in their stroke, while mallet putters provide increased forgiveness and tend to be popular among those with a straight-back-and-straight-through stroke. 

Make sure to take your time in testing different putters. Pay attention to how well each putter aligns with your target and how comfortable it feels during your stroke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What golf club type is a putter?

A putter is a golf club designed for use on the putting green, typically used for shorter strokes to roll the ball into the hole.

What is the difference between blade and mallet putters?

Blade putters have a more traditional, compact design, while mallet putters are larger and often more forgiving due to their weight distribution. The choice depends on your stroke and visual preferences.

Can I sell my pre-owned putters through Cash Fore Clubs?

At our online store and Chippenham location, we provide a seamless experience for purchasing or selling pre-owned golf putters and various other clubs. If you’re considering selling online, simply visit our dedicated selling page.

We also offer you the chance to exchange your used wedges for brand new ones. This not only helps you save money but also guarantees that the next owner benefits from greater value with your previously owned golf equipment!