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So you want to drive the ball like Rory McIlroy, chip onto the green like Phil Mickelson and put in one easy stroke like Tiger Woods? Well you have come to the right place. But before we start helping you to learn golf, we must put a warning. Being able to play like the pros is probably something that will never happen. They have had 20+ years practicing and hit millions of golf balls in that time. However, we can help you get round the course and have some fun.

Below you will find lots of helpful articles, guides and videos on how to play golf.

Learn how to choose between clubs, how to dress for the course and watch us have fun on the green in our Youtube videos below!

Read our handy tips, tricks and guides on how to play golf below!

Woman playing golf in the wind

How to play golf in the wind

Unfortunately, the British climate means that it will be unlikely that you spend much time playing golf in ideal conditions, and you will more than likely be battling the elements such as wind and rain. But, that doesn’t mean you have to pack up your kit and go home. Instead, you just need to master how to play in these conditions, and even use them to your advantage! Cash Fore

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How to get better at golf

So, you’ve started playing golf. You’ve nailed the basics, and now you want to start getting better. But how? There are so many ways of improving at the sport you love, but you might not want to spend a small fortune upgrading your clubs or hiring a professional trainer. What other options do you have? Cash Fore Clubs are here to help with our handy guide on how to improve at

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Golfer wearing waterproof jacket

How to grip a golf club properly for maximum control

Holding a golf club sounds like it should be the simplest part of playing golf, but it’s actually more tricky than you think. As well as this, it is also one of the most important aspects of the game. Your grip is the only connection you have with the club, so it is important to get it right. If you’ve been playing golf for a while but aren’t noticing any

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Person holding golf bag with clubs

Beginners guide on how to play golf

Now, we may be a bit biassed, but in our opinion, golf is an amazing sport!  Famous players, such as Tiger Woods, Lydia Ko, Rory McIlroy, and Nelly Korda, are now household names, earning huge amounts of money.  They may be highly skilled professionals, but the same game can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and all ages and abilities. One of the questions we frequently get

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CFC Condition Guide


5  – BRAND NEW – never been hit.
4 – VERY GOOD – This club has been hit a handful of times, may have a few very minimal marks.
3 – GOOD – This club has been used for a few rounds, shows signs of use but no major dings or chips.
2 – FAIR – Well used, still in completely playable condition but will show signs of wear and tear. Minor stone chips may be visible on the sole.
1 – POOR – This club will have heavy play marks, paint missing, with visible dents and chips.

NOT SELLABLE – major dents or stone chips on playing surface of club.


5  – BRAND NEW – still in wrapper – never been used.
4 – VERY GOOD – Have been hit a few times, but could still pass as new.
3 – GOOD – No major marks, but may show light signs of use, for example light scratching.
2 – FAIR – Signs of wear and tare, but no major bag rub and no rust marks. stickers may be starting to peel.
1 – POOR – Very visibly used with various age-related marks. Shaft sticker may be peeled or missing.

NOT SELLABLE – major bag rub or major pitting and rusting of shaft.


5 – BRAND NEW – As it says on the tin, this grip is brand new, with protective wrapper still in place.
4 – VERY GOOD – 
As new and completely clean, would only have been played a handful of times.
3 – GOOD
 – Played with, showing some minor imperfections, but have plenty of golf left in them.
2 – USED – Well used, with some more obvious imperfections. Still playable, but will likely need replacing fairly soon.
1 – POOR – Needs replacing with rubber shiny and splitting.

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